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At 4 PM on October 18, 2019, the alarm sounded from the headquarters of the China Harvar Group, followed by the office building, the production workshop of the first factory, the production workshop of the second factory, and the research institute.

Harvar Science and Technology Park all departments of the staff tense orderly evacuation of the work site, emergency transfer to the safety zone.
It turns out that this is the annual fire drill site of the headquarters of China Harvar Group.

Safety is heavy on Taishan and prevention is not "burning". In order to enhance the fire safety awareness of the group's employees, improve the ability to inspect the causes of fire and eliminate hidden dangers, fight the initial fire ability, and organize evacuation and escape ability; In the event of a sudden fire, it can guarantee the safety of personnel and minimize the loss of life and property of companies and individuals. The group regularly organizes fire drill activities every year.

After all the employees heard the alarm sound and evacuated the work site in an emergency and orderly manner, they gathered at the designated location. The group's deputy Chen and the general manager, Wangzhuren, made a speech and reiterated the importance of fire consciousness as a chemical factory factory. And the serious danger of fire. And carried on the detailed explanation, demonstrated the fire extinguisher and other fire fighting equipment use method..


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