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China Harvar Science and Technology Park has absorbed a large number of outstanding technical talents from various related industries, and at the same time provided them with a five-star business and trade center working environment, comfortable and beautiful living conditions for Harvar apartment, and complete appliances and furniture in the apartment. Eat meals in a small canteen. In order to enrich the amateur life of outstanding technical talents, the Science and Technology Park also invested heavily in the construction of sports and entertainment facilities such as the NBA standard rubber basketball court and the FIFA standard natural turf football field. Work eight hours a day(no night shift), take one day off every week, bag and eat, do not deduct deposits, pay on time, free medical examination once a year, the company also organizes travel.

China Harvar Group has long recruited sales engineers and technical development engineers. The requirements are as follows:

1. Full-time or part-time;
2. Men and women are not limited;
3. 3 years or more relevant work experience;
4. There are related customer resources priority;
5. Have upward drive and sense of responsibility, can work hard;
6. We provide five-star office buildings, apartment buildings and garden-style factories;
7. High basic salary and high commission;
8. Free accommodation, travel expenses;
9. Workplace: Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou.
Those who have relevant industry experience are preferred, and the technology development partner may donate shares.
Interested parties, please submit a resume to 888@Harvar.com;
Contact: Yong Chen
Mobile: 18923300088


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